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My daughter Anna, now aged 10, first started at Gillian Jones Dancing when she was 4. I have watched Anna blossom under Gillian’s teaching. Her school has the perfect balance of professionalism and fun. Gillian’s approach ensures that the atmosphere at every class builds self-esteem and confidence in a safe happy environment. The annual shows show the skills that have been taught and create unforgettable memories.

L. Matthews – Belmont Class

I love to dance with Gillian. I love being successful at my dancing exams, I love the friendships that I have made at class and I adore the costumes and makeup at our shows.

A. Matthews – Belmont Class

What can I say other that what a wonderful Dance Academy Gillian Jones is, Gillian has been teaching my girls from they were little and now Victoria is 15 and loving dance even more, this goes to show that Gillian has had a great impact on her life and brought the dancer in her out. Amy who is now 10 was a shy little girl, until she started dancing with Gillian her confidence has grown and loves to do perform by herself if asked to. At Gillian Jones the girls train for their exams in what-ever dance category very hard the exams they do can be used towards university points. The variety of dances the girls do from Tap, Jazz, Modern and ballet it always amazes me the way the girls perform at their end of year show with smiles on their faces shows the joy they have in performing and the fun they have also. My girls have made so many new friends at Gillian Jones academy the girls really support each other. I as a parent can’t praise Gillian enough for the time and dedication she puts into her dancers and hope that the academy goes from strength to strength.

N. Irwin – Lisburn Class

I love Gillian Jones Dance Academy because my girls are stronger, fitter and more confident. The girls love it because it’s fun, friendly and they get to perform! I chose Gillian Jones because everyone can enjoy dancing and performing in a non-competitive and welcoming class. Both of my very different girls have gained so much from Gillian Jones’s friendly and professional classes. They are fit, flexible and skilled, but most of all they are happy! There is nothing quite like the excitement backstage at the end-of-year show! I am so glad that my girls have had the chance to dance with Gillian Jones. Everything is catered for from technical discipline in Grades to artistic creation for live performances! Both girls have learned skills they’ll never forget and made friends for life. Thank you, Gillian, for your hard work and all the kindness and encouragement you have shown Amber and Sophia over the years. They are lucky to have been part of such a professional, welcoming and exciting dance school. They have gained skills, grown in confidence and made friends for life.

L. Mallon – Newtownabbey Class

Thank you Gillian Jones Dance Academy for the wonderful dance instruction that you have provided my three daughters with over the past few years. They are growing into self-confident, poised and graceful young dancers. The dance instruction they receive at Gillian Jones Dance Academy is top notch with a strong focus on technique. The extensive class offerings allow my girls to experience tap, jazz and ballet dance forms. The summer scheme classes also allowed them to experience and refine skills in a pressure free environment. The end of year show is a true delight to enjoy and watch the professionalism that all the teachers provide throughout the year! Thank you for cultivating a lifelong love for dance in our children. We are so happy to be a part of The Gillian Jones Dance Academy.

The Crookshanks Family – Newtownabbey Class

Going to Miss Gillian’s dance class is the highlight of my three girls’ week. The classes are n equal mix of great fun and discipline as the girls learn jazz, tap and ballet. A particular favourite of my daughters is the musical theatre element of the classes. They cannot wait to tell me which musical has been chosen for new choreography.   As a parent the absolute treat of the dance year is the annual “Dance Extravaganza” at Lisburn Arts Centre where over 100 children put on a full afternoon of dance in a most spectacular show. How Gillian and her assistants coordinate so many dances and costume changes for children from 3 to 18 years is unbelievable!

C. Carton – Belmont Class